Postnatal examination is carried out by two methods - immunofluorescent genetic mapping and electron microscopy.

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Diagnosis of bullous epidermolysis is carried out before and after the birth of a child. To perform any of the studies, the patient is biopsied. Diflucan pills is made on the affected and healthy areas of the epidermis. Then, the presence of specific skin proteins is detected and its component composition is determined to determine the cause of epidermolysis bullosa.

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Usually drugs are prescribed in a complex. The main goal of therapy is to achieve remission (hormones are prescribed for this) and eliminate all unpleasant symptoms. If the risk of sepsis and other complications persists, the doctor prescribes antibiotics and anti-shock drugs.

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Possible complications of the disease. When wounds appear, their condition should be carefully monitored and great attention should be paid to their treatment, since there is a risk of infection. Some types of epidermolysis bullosa can lead to the following complications: Preventive measures to prevent complications.

To avoid the development of complications and exacerbation of epidermolysis bullosa, it is recommended to adhere to certain rules.
Epidermolysis bullosa is a genetic disease with a fatal outcome.
Classification Cause Forms of the disease and its symptoms Congenital Acquired Epidermolysis bullosa simple Borderline epidermolysis bullosa Dystrophic epidermolysis bullosa What is Kindler's syndrome? Diagnosis Methods of treatment Life expectancy with bullous epidermolysis.
Depending on the depth of the lesion, three main forms of the disease and more than 30 subtypes of pathology are distinguished, differing in genotype, phenotype and inheritance pattern.

Blisters can simultaneously affect different levels of the skin. The rarest and least studied form of the disease.

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The bottom of the bubble is located at the level of the light plate - the surface layer of the basement membrane.

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One of them is represented by 6 clinical forms. The most severe type, which is characterized by high mortality, is the Herlitz subtype.